“The Great Push”

Two friends were walking on the street, joking and laughing, and then one jokingly pushed the other….

Tare: Oooh funto,cuz am light abi, dont evn think u are strong..

Funto: what!! that small push and ur complaining

Tare: Ehn!, small push! unno wat, i’ll give you 100k if you push yourself

Funto: Woow! how possible is that! i can do it sha,small thing..

If you think about it, the hardest thing to push is yourself…Even if you are the World’s strongest man or you are as weak as a two-year old, it takes something special to push yourself.

The reason why people often find themselves in a particular place or position for a while is because they find it difficult to propel themselves forward (you have a lot to do on a particular day, yet u are having a difficult time getting out of the bed, in fact you spent d rest of the day on your bed, forgoing the important things u had to do, don’t lie, we’ve all experienced this before). No doubt, you can be a great source of inspiration or motivation to others, pushing others to get things done, yet you lack the same spice in your personal life.

Some people depend heavily on others to”ginger” them because their body and mind is lazy (which is its natural state and  always the case) So they need someone to hurry them up,remind them, sometimes shout and yell, before they can get things done..sometimes i fall into this category.

These are little and invincible issues that are so important to our practical living. Those that are able to get things done are mostly those that have control over their bodies, and their minds, they have that “GREAT PUSH” and usually are  very successful in the long and short run. 

It sounds easy but its very hard. It is not a one day thing, it is a habit that has to be cultivated, because naturally the body and mind is weak..and so constant action is essential, and so such things like Procastination for example should be avoided..

There is no doubt that those who have that Great Push are usually the most successful. Read the biography or study the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy people and you’d see that this is a key ingredient. They always get things done, they never ever fall back. Even our friend Funto could be an example..if only he could push himself, he would have been 100k richer.

                           _______      EL SwAggErr______

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  1. tomi says:

    (Y)…. Nice!!!

  2. obafuntay says:

    Got scared when I saw my name first off.
    But reading through, the message is outstandily clear and precise.
    Its so easy to motivate and inspire others and not ‘push’ yourself.
    Thank you for this Micky Carlos!
    Time for that Great push!!


  3. ufuoma says:

    Totally ♥ the write up…. (Y)

  4. moyo Fatunbi says:

    Inspiring.. 🙂

  5. @nimsyboro says:

    El SwaggErr mad write up bro. Even the greats need THE GREAT PUSH in life. We learn from ourselves. An individual is an inspiration to another individual.

  6. yemijohnson says:

    yep, pushed myself and now I’m falling…. just landed butt first on the floor. What do I do now?

  7. atl_dunni says:

    Sometimes, we never know how far or how big things can get with only that “Small push”. Great write-up Micky carlos. iLike! 🙂

  8. toonna says:

    Reblogged this on Truth In Motion and commented:
    Simple yet truth, a great post!

  9. @Nwabaybee says:

    Nyc!!! Lool

  10. toonna says:

    A very simple yet essential truth, glad to see this written out, still fall victim sometimes, kudos and success to us all as we attain that great push!

  11. Biola Jinadu says:

    ‘The Great Push’… Very True.. This is a very good motivation. Bless.

  12. Tobi says:

    This is a very cool story, yet a truthful one. Keep it up boy.. I’m getting to like your writing skills..

  13. oreoluwa odutola says:

    mr mike!!!!!
    This is very nice my G ;)…. the idea of pushing yourself is brilliant…the analogy using funto is very explicit. way to go nigga. (Y)

  14. obafuntay says:

    Reblogged this on obafuntay and commented:
    This is my #NotetoSelf

  15. Ayob Alariwo says:

    Hehehe dis post is just want I needed to continue pushing 🙂 Thnks 4 dis ^_^
    This post also aPplied to u thou… 🙂 don’t forget to always push ursef

  16. I didn’t see any picture *rme* u sha didn’t write ds pffft! -_- . Buh srzli tho, did u write ds dude? 😮 . Nice one mehn

  17. damstylee says:

    Very Inspiring.
    *nw pushing self*

  18. irish says:

    @rili nice

  19. @meci_laCREME says:

    Wow!!!! Ok dz gave me fins 2fink abt..ppz shud read dz.. 9ce one!! Tym 2strt pushing myslf 😦 issokay!

  20. Orok says:

    Really true in life we must continually encourage or give ourselves that”GREAT PUSH” just like King David of the bible. It necessary so as to move forward forgetting past success n failures. Thumbs up Micky!

    1. toonna says:

      i love how you said ‘forgetting pass SUCCESS and failures’, for sometimes even our past successes delay us from achieving further success. Thanks, and God bless!

  21. Rachael says:

    Wow this is very inspiring, keep it up 🙂 M̶̲̥̅Ƹ gusta !

  22. Ephraim Priscilla says:

    Amazing article micky!!!nd is d funto d one I know??

    1. mickycarlos says:

      nope..its all fiction..

  23. This Just PUSHED me Bro. Nice one 🙂

  24. Anita says:

    This is so true and so inspiring….. ❤

    1. MAndarinMA_rtha says:

      Wow this is gud… I mean procrastination though i’m not proud of it, it’s what I do. So i’m gonna try and start pushing myself 🙂

  25. mstizzle says:

    Thought provoking. Thanks a bunch.

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